TBD March 2020 (7 days and 6 nights)


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Come unite with Joy and Cé Änn, your guides for a voyage through Divine Consciousness in Teotihuacán, the ancient Toltec city which means: "...where men become gods; the city of the gods," outside Mexico City. Journey into the mystical energies of sacred Temples, Pyramids, and Centers of this sacred city on paths where the Ancient Ones once walked combining processes of Meditations, Attunements, Channeling, Rituals, and Ceremony, where you will awaken the Channel, Healer, and Master within.

We begin at the Dreaming House, our lodging within walking distance to Teo, exploring over the next days: the Pyramids of the Sun, Moon, and Quetzalcoatl. We will be walking the sacred Temples: Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Remembrance; exploring our inner self in "Heaven" and the Sacred Doorway to other realms; then traveling to other Sites in the area as well as holding Sacred Ritual in the Cave of the Divine Mother.

There will be gatherings each night, open discussions on the day's experiences, and star gazing. All this to absorb the Dimensions and Energy Centers of these Sacred Places, including channelings, meditations, healing sound infusions, gentle yoga, and the labyrinth! 


• Ceremony / Ritual with local Shaman


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• Extra Surprises

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Arrival date no later in MEX than 2PM. Departure date from MEX no earlier than 3PM
Daily Entrance Fees and gratuities
Local transportation, drivers, guides, and teachers
All workshops, teachings, and ceremonies plus supplies for these events

Joy Kauf: http://www.miraclesofjoy.net

Ce Ann: http://www.visionaryguidance.com

Single Occupancy available for an additional fee; call us for details: (972) 221-8080

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