I was part of the 2014 tour. This trip was amazing in all aspects of my life…. spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The beauty of this place is breathtaking along with living in a colorful compound with a labyrinth and beautiful agave plants. Excellent traditional food for that area and lovely, lovely people. The excursions were beyond anything I expected. This place left an imprint on my life. – Karleen Moorhouse September 2015

Here is my Teo and Dreaming altar. I have memories of all of you here. I never will forget my most wonderful journey of a lifetime. CeAnn and Joy were great leaders, guides, and teachers, along with Alberto, Veronica, the muchachas in the kitchen, the sons that drove us, Victor to the caves and nature, and then to Our Lady of Guadalupe. From the miracles of our ceremonies, guided meditations, carrying spirit all over the pyramids up and down, portals visualizations, magic energy of Dreaming House. I can go on and on. I thank all of you with all my heart. I am so grateful for every big and little thing. The Dreaming House is a wonderful place to find peace, love, and grow with spirit. I will be back in two years, and hope to go to Sedona when CeAnn and Joy will be there. I miss all of you, your kindness, your graciousness, your love of spirit and of all of us. I see you, I am with you, we are together.

Much love and mucho Besitas.

Marty  October 2015

An amazing experience! Joy and Ce Ann did a wonderful job, above and beyond my expectations. The days were full of enriching activities, not only the daily tours but also meditation time, group discussions, yoga and plenty of spiritual exercises.
The Dream House is the perfect place to stay, not only beautiful but very peaceful with super friendly staff that treat you like family.
I highly recommend this trip; you will have a unique experience with like minded people that will become great friends for life!

Patti September 2014

​​Your Sacred Journey with Joy and Ce Ann

Ce Ann & Joy,

“Yes” we could have had some type of spiritual “adventure” in Teo going to the Dreaming House on our own, but without the both of you as our spiritual leaders and guides it would not have come remotely close to the experience that all of us had in your presence. With love and gratefulness I bow my head to both of you for what I left with, became through expansion, and the tools received to continue my path in my human & spiritual realms.

I came back to the chaos of my human reality that is one that I have never dealt with in the 30 some years working in my industry, but I was ready for it!!!!
With the amazing tools that you both have blessed us with, I have walk through this chaos daily with grace and ease. Om La’s every morning before I make the journey into the office. With a present & empty mind I make my salutations and meditations (Geometrics are a part) to the One Source, my guides, the angels, the light beings, the Saints, Mother Mary, and those that have gone before us. Manifesting with specific detail and creating my world around me for each day and giving thanks for the day before for everything that transpired from this manifesting.

I have never been so “present” and calm thanks to the enlightenment I received from this trip, from the both of you, and from our group that I now call my friends. To walk through each chaotic day with patience, compassion, understanding, honor, strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge, joy, laughter, grace, ease, and above all else in love & light with no stress is amazing. People around me are being positively affected by this, which makes it even more perfect.  They keep asking how I am doing what I’m doing and not stressing or getting angry with critical issues that have taken place on jobsites. I smile at them and feel the light beaming back on them and tell them it was Teo.

With all my loving heart I thank you both again for this time and expansion.

Michael   October 2015